Breathing exercises - the best cure for stress

We put our health at risk every day by living in constant stress and not getting enough rest. The rhythm of life is reflected not only on the functioning of the body's systems, but also on the positive perception of the world: how can you feel the joy of life, if you feel tired. To make sure that your body does not accumulate stress, you don’t need a lot of money or a lot of time.  A housewife and a businessman alike can spare just fifteen minutes for the benefit of the harmony of the body and soul. These fifteen minutes will not be unpleasant or tiring, they will be dedicated to the most natural of all human processes - breathing, the best cure for stress.

Oriental breathing practices are more than 2000 years old, yet they are still relevant today, and even on the contrary they become life buoys in modern fuss of life. Chi Kung and yoga teach you how to cure stress through deep breathing exercises. By this technique, the air should be inhaled slowly, filling the abdomen first, and then the chest. Then also slowly you should exhale.

You should breathe in a waltz tempo:

• One, two, three, four - inhale;

• One, two, three, four – hold your breath;

• One, two, three, four - exhale;

• One, two, three or four - hold your breath.

Deep breathing works like magic: the volume of inhaled air is much gibber than in typical breathing, so you get enough oxygen not only to support basic life functions, but also to recharge the body. When breathing is made with pauses, equal in length with inhalation or exhalation, not only oxygen works to heal your body, but also carbon dioxide as well: it accelerates your blood flow, thereby improving the work of the cardiovascular system, and the brain gets the nutrients much faster.

Every time you need a relaxing break, you need to be as comfortable as possible: sit in the lotus position or lie on your back, turn off all the thoughts in your head and start to breathe using the above technique.

Generally, this cure for stress – a deep breathing technique – can be used anywhere and at any time (unless, of course, at in that period of time you don’t have to speak): on your way to work, on a subway, or while you are downloading a movie. The benefit depends on how well the technique is executed, but you will feel the positive effects in any case. 

By implementing this great habit into your life, you can master how to cure stress and live without any worries – every day you will be a great mood, and will definitely forget about headaches or migraines.

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