Causes of stress in the workplace

Stress response of the employees can turn out to be quite costly for any organization or company. Therefore it is important to know and be able to diagnose its causes in time. Stress does not happen for no reason; it occurs under the influence of negative circumstances, which could be classified by their nature (physiological or psychological), their context (organizational or personal), their sources (external or internal), and their specifics of impact. In addition, currently for organizations and businesses the following causes of stress response can be identified:

- Emerging inside the organization;

- Emerging outside of an organization and not related to it;

- Related to the relationships inside a team/organization.

Cause of stress emerging outside of an organization

Any organization or business does not exist in isolation from the outside world; it is always an open system. That is why any external changes, such as important public events, financial conditions, family problems, and others greatly affect employees.

Causes of stress related to the relationships inside a team

Such cause could be the following:

- Lack of team spirit, when an employee does not feel a sense of belonging, including when a manager does not allow for it to happen and when others do not accept the employee to be part of the team;

- Conflict situation in a team – serious disagreements within a team, when personal values ​​of an individual employee are not in line with the values ​​accepted by the other team members.

Cause of stress emerging inside of an organization

This is the most extensive group of causes, which include the following related to work environment:  

- Fear of losing your job due to cuts, low performance indicators of any or other reasons;

- Inability to have influence in the workplace;

- The nature of the work and working conditions;

- Role conflicts;

- A unique organizational structure, where an employee is forced to execute the decisions of two or more managers;

- Stress-inducing and authoritarian style of the management;

- Unfavorable work schedule.

Prevention and dealing with stress at work

Prevention of work-related stress mainly includes:

- Diagnostics and identification of stressful conditions of employees;

- Elimination of the causes of stress that are related to the organization of work and workplaces (levels of noise, etc.);

- Implementation of the system of relaxation breaks and exercises (break lounges, similar to those in the US and Europe).

In dealing with stress in the workplace also could be helpful informational posters with depicting workplace gymnastics, recommendations to use various relaxation websites similar to ClickToRelax, as well as all kinds of corporate events.


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