How to cure stress with the help of massage and aromatherapy

How can you overcome stress using massage?

Massage of certain areas allows you to return your sensitive nervous system to an emotional equilibrium, which, in turn, protects your body from the loss of ascorbic acid. According to scientists, the ascorbic acid is destroyed when exposed to certain substances, which include nicotine (one cigarette kills about 10 mg of vitamin C), alcoholic beverages, various medicinal drugs. Also ascorbic acid is destroyed under stress. It is enough to feel stressed for 1 hour, and your daily norm of ascorbic acid is gone.

To overcome stress and obtain a peace of mind, therapists recommend in a period of nervous tension to get a massage of the so-called points of "calm." Thanks to such massage, your nervous system will get restored, and your body will retain its ascorbic acid. One of such points is located in the middle of the inner area of the chin. By massaging this point, you can relieve stress and elevate your mood. When you feel stressed, you should begin massaging this point for 5 minutes with your right thumb.

Chinese healers consider the point on the top of the head (the middle of the line, which connects the upper areas of the ears) a panacea from hundreds of diseases. Massaging this point with deep movements can help you cope with stressful situations, relieve headaches and get rid of insomnia.

Another point is located in the lower area of the inner surface of the forearm (it is located at a distance of three fingers, placed transversely above radiocarpal fold). A deep massage of this point will rid you of stress before exams. Massage should be done several times by using three middle fingers in a clockwise motion.

How to overcome stress using aromatic bath?

Another way to get rid of stress is the use of aromatherapy. Miraculous properties of some plants with amazing aromas were recognized by people thousands of years ago. Yet the modern interpretation of the term "aromatherapy" has become known only at the beginning of the last century. Nowadays, the use of natural essential oils has gained a well-deserved popularity. Often, the notions of "pleasant" and "useful" are mutually exclusive, but not in the case with aromatic oils.

Essential oils help to normalize our well-being after stressful situations. Here, such oils can be helpful as jasmine oil, neroli, peppermint, rosemary or bergamot essential oils. They help to calm down, to get rid of insomnia, and help restore emotional balance and harmony. The smell of oil should evoke positive emotions.

To perform the procedure you need to fill a bathtub with not very hot water, add a cup of sea salt and not more than seven drops of oil. Immersed in scented water, you need to relax and try not to think about anything at all. To help you achieve that, you can listen to some relaxing classical music. After 15 minutes you need to get up and without rinsing in the shower, spot dry your body with a soft warm towel.

How to overcome stress with the help of ClickToRelax?

And if you can’t arrange an aromatic bath, you can relieve or overcome stress with the help of ClickToRelax. With this online service, you can briefly escape from work issues and meditate a little to the sounds of nature or relaxing music. Only remember one thing – you cannot touch your mouse or keyboard during a session, or you will have to start all over again. Trust us, it is not so easy to sit still for a couple of minutes, but very effective for relaxation.

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