How to quickly relieve stress at work?

Working in an office is a type of environment where people often find themselves in stressful situations. Stress, in turn, reduces your efficiency and ability to focus; and that is why you should definitely learn how to deal with stressful situations and learn different way to relax.  There are a number of effective methods to fight stress at work, which can be used right at your workplace in the office.

1. Drink some tea.

The best choice would be a cup of green tea, which is a great source of L-theanine that helps in reducing anxiety levels. It’s totally fine to enjoy some sweets with your tea, such as a small piece of chocolate or some honey.

2. Read some jokes or funny stories.

Positive influence of laughter on human health has been noticed as far as 2,000 years ago by Hippocrates. Read some jokes, funny stories or watch a funny video. Don’t deny yourself such enjoyment, and you'll notice that after a "funny" break you will be in a good mood and will be willing to work.

 3. Watch a relaxation video.

There are plenty of videos online in the "relaxation video" genre. Beautiful sceneries of nature, beaches, mountains, and interesting landscapes along with accompanying soft music and sounds of nature from the very first few minutes will help you to release the tension.

 4. Play some online games.

It is a well-known fact that a short break spent playing a simple game can be a very good distraction from your problems and stressful thoughts. In the section "Relax Games" on ClickToRelax.com we are collecting flash games, which in our opinion will help to quickly relieve your stress at work.

 5. Relax just for a few minutes.

Probably one of the most effective ways to relax is meditation. Service “ClickToRelax” offers you an effective relaxation session, where you can choose a theme you prefer with corresponding nature sounds and melodies. You can select a desired time period and make sure not to touch your mouse or keyboard during the session.  

 6.  Take a break and move around.

Go for a short walk or do some simple exercises. It’s not just good for your health, but it also helps your body to release “feel-good hormones" – endorphins. In addition, by getting away from the source of your problems for some time, which is your workplace, you are also getting away for a while from the tension and stress associated with it.

 7. Listen to relaxing music.

It’s been proven long time ago, that calm and relaxing music has a positive effect not only on your mood, but also on your physical health. We also recommend listening to music along with doing some breathing exercises.

 8. Buy an anti-stress toy.

A fun anti-stress toy will evoke positive emotions just with its design, and that is already a nice stress relief. In addition, if when you feel anxious you can find something to do with your hands, than that kind of exercise reduces stress as well.


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