Signs and consequences of stress

In our fast paced world stress with its enormous negative consequences is rightly considered the most important problem of mankind in the twenty-first century. According to some studies, some consequences of stress, if expressed in monetary terms, can exceed tens of billions of dollars a year worldwide! The number of people who have died from the diseases caused by stress are even more difficult to assess. That is why it is so important to know what causes stress and how to deal with it.

The external signs of stress are manifested in different forms – physiological, psychological and behavioral.

Psychological signs of stress.

Psychological signs of stress are manifested in the following changes in human behavior:

1) Irritability (anger) – a strong emotional reaction to stress;

2) Restlessness – a heightened emotional response to stress;

3) Introversion – a constant and detailed analyzing of the situation, despite the fact that there is no objective need for it; 

4) Sadness, melancholy – passive ruefulness;

5) Fear, anxiety;

Impact of stress on the intellect

During stress all areas of intellectual activity get negatively affected to some degree, including memory and attention. Reduced ability to focus and concentrate is explained by the fact that in the cerebral cortex of the human brain a center of negative emotions gets formed, which then becomes the center of all negative thoughts and feelings. In addition, the ability to focus on other things becomes somewhat inhibited. Your ability to memorize things gets affected as well – a constant overload of consciousness with causes of stress and with attempts to find a way out of it reduces the size of your operative memory.  A changed endocrine profile also impacts your ability to remember things.

Impact of stress on your health

The following diseases can develop as consequences of stress factors:

- Nervous system disorders: neuroses, irritability, insomnia, etc.

- Disorders of the cardiovascular system: hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia, different heart diseases, including heart attacks;

- Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract: constipation, stomach ulcers, disorders of the stomach and intestines;

- Migraines and headaches of different etiology.

Impact of stress on human behavior

Direct results of stress can manifest themselves as the following changes in human behavior:  eating disorders and obesity, addiction to smoking and alcohol, or even addiction to drugs. In addition, there might be an inadequate response to irritants, such as aggressive reaction to criticism, reduced productivity, etc.

How to avoid stress?

Let’s be clear – you cannot completely avoid stress, you can only reduce its negative effects on you. For that we recommend the following:

- Increase your physical activity – for example, start working out, and spend more time outside;

- Find a new hobby;

- Perform meditations and breathing exercises;

- Listen to relaxing music and watch relaxing videos;

- At your workplace use a series of exercises described in this article, including, relaxation sessions on ClickToRelax.


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