Useful and good stress relievers

The modern world is so fast that dealing with all issues and issues becomes extremely difficult. When people fail to complete a task or deliver on a promise, they become very exposed to the stress "attacks". To cope with the difficult situation, today, many have resorted to the use of various antidepressants. According to scientists, the modern society is addicted to this type of medical drugs. Studies show that people are taking 5 times more antidepressants than 25 years ago. This is a significant increase, which indicates that there are a lot more stressful situations nowadays. The most important thing though, is that people have hard time dealing with stress and resort to the help of medications. The greatest increase in the number of people “addicted” to antidepressants is in Iceland, Canada, Scandinavia and Australia.

In order to learn how to deal with the situations which can cause your nervous system to break, in Milan, for example, it was decided to hang up on each bus stop some bubble wrap, invented many years ago by Americans Mark Chavannes and Alfred Fielding. This way, people can calm the nerves while waiting for the bus. This unusual anti-stress method is a good stress reliever in various stressful situations. You can try this practice for yourself to check and see if it works or not.

Another way to deal with nervousness was suggested by Miguel Bruns Alonso, a student at Delft University of Technology. He invented a special pen, which has certain properties. The essence of the invention is that the pen can help you dealing with stress. How does it work? It has a built-in special sensor that is able to react to the release of stress hormones. Then, the signal is transmitted to the electromagnetic device, which when it detects stress hormones, creates counter-reaction, and the pen begins to "resist” your stress. According to the student, it helps a person to return to a normal state.

Interestingly, an alarm clock has huge anti-stress properties. Each of us can feel its effect.  Few people know that due to a sudden interruption of sleep by an alarm clock, twice the amount of stress hormones is release in the blood.  This adversely affects human health. That is why a Ukrainian inventor developed an alarm clock that will wake you up but will not disturb you. He suggested a device that looks as if an alarm clock is riding a motorcycle or a car. The essence of the device is that the clock is attached to the electromechanical toy. At the expected time it starts moving and singing a children's song, but not too loud, and with a progressively increasing volume. This helps not only to prevent a sharp awakening, but also to lighten the mood for the whole day.

All these methods are good stress relievers that are not at all expensive, so you should try them out for yourself before resorting to the use of various antidepressants.

Let you be cheerful and healthy!

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